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monday 23 May 2011
The Vines

The first shears shots have been given today! The vine takes its summer colors.

The Chardonnay is in full flowering, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Black will be in a few days.

Some people started to
prognostic the dates for the harvest, we heard it could be 20th August or even 18th. (For the record, the earliest harvest was in 2003 with the first secateurs shots given August 21st).

In our case, we believe that we will begin to August 30 or September 1. To be continued...

Thursday 12 may 2011

News from the Vines

Since my last post, nearly a month ago, the vines grew quickly. There are between 8 and 12 unfolded leaves. The landscape has gone from winter to summer!
With these high temperatures for April and May, the vines have between two to three weeks in advance. The budding and leaf removal is almost complete. The strings are already tyed-up between the first and second nail.
In addition to the growth of the vine, the grapes are well in advance. If the weather conditions continue, it is likely that the harvest will start in late August! This would be more than exceptional!

Tuesday 19 April 2011

Mating Confusion

This morning, as for several years now, we fought naturally against the butterfly moths by installing capsules packed with pheromones in order to avoid males to find females and fertilize them.

monday 21 february 2011


A new season started a week ago and it has begun with pruning.

tuesday 25 january 2011

St. Vincent - 22 January

Saturday, January 22 was the St. Vincent, patron saint of winegrowers.
On this occasion, the villages belonging to the Brotherhood of Auche (Janvry, Germigny, Rosnay, Courcelles-Sapicourt, Mery-Prémecy) meet to pray St. Vincent for a good harvest and an exceptional vintage.

It is also an opportunity to taste the last vintage harvested (which is 2010 for this year). This suggests a good cuvée with a good balance between acidity and fruits (citrus flavors).



tuesday 11 january 2011

Champagne is healing you!

With wet winter weather, flu and colds are back. A regional solution was "found": an infusion of champagne.

According to Henri Puget, GP specialised in natural remedies and author of "Household remedies: self-care and natural care from A to Z, " to fight against colds, nothing like a warm glass of champagne! (here for the recipe).

For Dr. Gabriel Jabbour, this is an old recipe. "It's absolutely true. Sugar heated with champagne releases micronutrients present in wines and acts as anti-inflammatory. "Selenium, sulfur, and zinc minerals occur on mucous membranes and dry them out. "This works especially for all respiratory inflammation, "continued the doctor.

And what does the author, Henry Puget, think? Answer: "I studied a lot the virtues of wine during my studies. The condition is especially not to boil champagne. It must be thrilling. Many enzymes are released, which features anti-inflammatory." Still, the Doctor admits to have largely relied on studies carried out by colleague but he based it on the studies of three doctors.

We have said it for some time now, but champagne should be reimbursed by the NHS!
Article to be read on L'Union of 07/01/2011, written by Stéphane GUERRINI

tuesday 4 january 2011

New Year

We wish you a Happy New Year!

friday 24 december 2010

All the team at Champagne Jacky Martin wishes you a Merry Christmas!

sunday 19 december 2010

Snow, snow and more snow

After the 13cm of Thursday (December 9), it's still snowing and actually it's like a snowstorm. Since 9am this morning, it has not stopped snowing and it intensifies. We're already at 13cm accumulated between last night and this morning.

monday 29 november 2010

First Snowflakes

The first snowflakes fell this morning. Upon awakening, 3cm.

thursday 18 november 2010

Autumn Landscape

With some delay, here are the shades of autumn colors from early October until the last few days.